Friday, February 5, 2010

Runner girl

It wasn't so long ago that I would say to people that "the only reason a girl like myself should ever have to run is if someone is chasing me." I would scoff at these joggers and runners as they wrecked their joints and embraced their shin-splints with pride. That was never going to be me.

Never say never.

Fast forward to present day. I am almost half way through training for a half-marathon. That's right, a half-marathon. 13 point 1 miles to be exact. Have I gone crazy? Maybe. Actually, I have this amazing friend who convinced me that it would be "fun."

So I have faithfully been going to the YMCA and climbing onto the treadmill 3 to 4 days each week since January. Each week my runs get longer, 3 short runs and 1 long run. This week my long run was 6 miles. Which I counted as half of my half-marathon. So I'm feeling pretty proud.

OK, so to be honest I do have an ulterior motive to all this running. I really want to fit into my "skinny jeans." They are 2 sizes smaller than me right now, but I am seeing progress. :)

Well, there is one other thing. I want the digits. 13.1 on the back window of my car.

"The half" is the last weekend of March. Maybe I will be in those jeans by then. But you can be certain, as soon as I cross that finish line, the digits are going on the car!!!

Run girl run.

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