Sunday, September 19, 2010

And so a new chapter.....

It's late on a Sunday evening, and the house is quiet. I should be cleaning the bathroom, in preparation for company tomorrow but, procrastination has settled in so instead I thought I would blog a bit on the new chapter starting in my life.

It's been over 8 years since I have been a part of "corporate America." And while I initially reveled in the joys of leaving the hustle and bustle of the ol' 8-5 behind me, in recent months my mind has begun to wander towards the "What ifs?" What if I went back to work? What if I found something just part-time? What would that mean for my kids? And so on...

Now don't get me wrong; I have enjoyed my career with Premier Designs and it has blessed me in so many ways over the past 9 years. In fact, if it were not for Premier, I would have never been able to justify being a stay at home mom at all. Not to mention that I have built relationships with women that I can honestly say that I love and care about through Premier. Which is why I could never turn my back on Premier and quit (in case anyone had jumped to that conclusion.)

That being said, this "new chapter" of my life is unfolding in what will be a new adventure rejoining "corporate America," but only this time it will be on MY TIME, and on my terms. I plan on working 20 hours a week, and those hours will be while the kids are in school.

Now I know, some of you are saying, "But I thought you were homeschooling Sydney?" Well, this is true. However, I do plan to enroll her in a half-day Kindergarten. I still believe that she is not ready for "real Kindergarten," but at this point in our family life, it would be more beneficial for us financially if I am working again than for me to be at home full-time with her... plus it is only 4 hours a day away from her, which means plenty of mommy-and-me-time in the afternoon still.

At this point, you are wondering "Well???? What's the job?" OK, I will tell you. I am going to be working for the "Duck." You know, the one that says, "AFLAC!"

So as this new chapter unfolds, I pray that it will be a blessing to our family and that I will be able to maintain all of my other responsibilities as well without being overwhelmed. Here we go......

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