Thursday, October 14, 2010

CHEAP vs. FRUGAL (borrowed from another blogger)

  • If you stuff your purse with sugar packets when you go out to eat, you’re cheap, not frugal.

  • If you go to a fancy restaurant, order only a drink, and then eat only the yummy baked bread, you’re cheap, not frugal.

  • If you buy bakery, produce and meat when it’s marked down at the store, you’re frugal, not cheap.

  • If you save your extra napkins from the drive through and stick them in your glove compartment for later use, you’re frugal, not cheap.

  • If you sneak a cheap McDonald’s hamburger into Fuddruckkers so that you can use all their yummy toppings for your burger, but don’t buy one, you’re cheap, not frugal.

  • If you’ve ever eaten out and left a Bible tract saying, “Here’s your tip for the day,” with the ways I can get to know Christ , but then you barely leave a tip, you’re cheap.

  • If you use “Buy one, get one free” meal coupons, you’re frugal, not cheap.

  • If you use “Buy one, get one free” meal coupons, but then don’t tip on the price of the full meals, you’re cheap, not frugal and shouldn’t be eating out.

  • If you grab tons of plastic straws from the fast food restaurant, you’re cheap, but if you then use them and reuse them by washing them in the dishwasher, you’re really cheap. (Seriously, you can buy about 1,000 at the Dollar Store.)

  • If you buy an outfit at the store with the intent of only wearing it once for your fancy occasion, and then taking it back, you’re cheap, not frugal.

  • If you purposely use up 90% of an item from a grocery store only to then take something back with a complaint for a full refund and free item, you are taking advantage of their wonderful return policy.

  • If you are always the one mooching off other people or always grabbing for the left over food to take home from functions, just don’t.

  • If you photocopy internet coupons, you are neither frugal nor cheap. You are a crook because that is illegal, and I know you don’t want to ruin it for the rest of us couponers.

  • If you break the coffee container that holds your precious Starbucks coffee beans, you sweep the top beans up off the ground, and you still grind them you’re…desperate. ;)

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