Sunday, October 10, 2010

Surprise! Birthday Bed and Breakfast weekend

"Honey, we're going to your parents house for your birthday. You need to pack." Ok, admittedly this sounded fairly normal and so without much thought I threw some t-shirts and capris plus a dress for church into a small overnight bag and was ready to go. In fact, I spent more time and thought packing for the kids than myself. "Is that ALL you are bringing?" Why yes, it is. What's the big deal, I pack light!

2 and a half hours later, and we are at my dad's house. Tired and hungry I grab some food, visit with the fam for a bit, and head for bed. The next morning my normally sleep-in-if-at-all-possible husband literally leaps from the bed at 8am. "I need you to drive me into town to Walgreens. I need to get a prescription refilled that I left at home." OK, so I stumble out of bed and throw on a t-shirt and denim capris, run my fingers through my hair, and say Let's go. "You aren't going to take a shower?" Um, no I am not here to impress anyone at the Oxford Walgreen's. I grab a cup of coffee and wait for him to leave. We finally make our way to Walgreens to get the Rx. As we are leaving he says, "I know the way back so I'll drive." Fine with me, so I fall into the passenger seat realizing that I am officially hungry. Shane turns out of Walgreens and in the opposite direction of the way back to dad's. "I thought we would get Bojangles." Great! But after driving for 30 minutes, still no biscuit. I question where we are and why? "Oh I just thought we'd drive around and enjoy the morning a bit longer." Um, ok but we are now approaching Raleigh and a good hour away from the kids and my dad's house. "Really, this road goes to Raleigh?" Yes, yes it does and did I mention that I am HUNGRY? Road signs say Youngsville, then Rolesville, then Bunn, and next thing I know we are on 64/70 East. WHERE ARE WE GOING? "To Bojangles."
You are lying, where are we going? "You'll see..." When the signs turn to Smithfield, and then Kinston I understand that we are not going home today. Do the kids know you have kidnapped me? "They do now." Are you going to tell me where we are going now? "Nope."
Well might as well enjoy the ride...and a biscuit finally at 11am!

Soon roads look familiar as we enter Beaufort, NC. We ride down a few side streets of historic homes and turn into a driveway. "Surprise, we are here!"

Welcome to the Pecan Tree Inn of Beaufort! This is my first time at a BnB and I am so very excited. Here's our room:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE historical houses. I love the porches. I love the high ceilings. I love the glass knobs on the heavy wood doors. I love their charm.

The innkeeper shows us around, and then we settle into our room. After dropping our things off, we head for the waterfront for some shopping and to breathe in the warm, salty air. Holding hands we stroll in and out of shops and boutiques, antique stores and cafes- already thinking ahead to dinner later. Then we make our way back to the BnB because we were offered the use of two bicycles. As sunset approaches, we bike along the water and then around the historical homes area, even stopping to enjoy an ice cream cone along the way.

We finally return to our BnB and shower and change for dinner. The night is a perfect 70 degrees and the sky is full of stars, so we opt for outdoor seating at a waterfront restaurant. The food is WONDERFUL! After dinner we go to a nearby outdoor bar to listen to live music and enjoy more of this delightfully pleasant night. As the hour approaches midnight, and I threaten to turn into a pumpkin, we decide it's time to enjoy the bed aspect of our BnB.

Sunday morning, and the smell of coffee and fresh scones pull me from my bed and to the downstairs of the inn. We eat on the porch (love!) and read the paper over coffee. We take one last stroll along the waterfront, and then head to 30 minutes south of our little BnB to one of our favorite little beach dives for lunch.

If you ever find yourself near Salter Path, NC, you MUST go to the Big Oak Drive-In and order a shrimp burger. It is LEGENDARY!
Don't know what a shrimp burger is? Well here is a picture.

I like them "all the way." That means with slaw, ketchup, tartar sauce, and hot sauce. Shane likes them with just hot sauce. There's no wrong way to eat 'em, just eat!

After this little diversion we park the car for one last hand-holding-stroll, this time down the beach itself.

Totally relaxed and perfectly content, we finally say goodbye to the Crystal Coast and our first (but not last!) stay at a bed and breakfast.

In fact, I think it would be good to conclude this blog entry with the announcement that in approximately 15 years, when we are "empty nesters," I plan to own a BnB myself. I think we will call it "The Buttered Biscuit Inn." Maybe. :)

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Karen said...

I'm so thankful you got to do this. I LOVE B&Bs as well...and we always try to stay in them when we travel:) I can totally see you running one, and will gladly be one of your first guest! Hugs!

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